Children's Council

Today At Harlequin we ran the Children’s Council, we talked to preschool about the environment and the importance of keeping our environment safe and free from litter. We talked about the importance of looking after the toys and equipment we have at Harlequin by tidying away at the end of each session and the importance of carrying out checks and risk assessments before we go to play outside.

The children said it was important to be clean and to always tidy up 😊

We talked about some of the risks and that leaving things left around can cause us to hurt ourselves.

Joseph and Lily helped make some important checks using a checklist and helped to clean up the rubbish we found in our forest area making our environment clean and safe for everyone. We put all the toys away that were found and checked the perimeter for any breaks/ damage to the surrounding fence. We also checked that nothing had been left behind by members of the public over the weekend when we were closed.

Once it was safe preschool were ready to explore.

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