Bluebells Leaf Monster

Over the last several days, Portland House Bluebells have created their very own ‘Leaf Monster’ using recycled materials using plastics and cellotape.

We connected all his body parts with cable ties so that they are moveable. Once we had put the monster together we then used ‘Mud Rock’ to cover him, this was great fun and very messy. Then we had to wait for him to dry, so we could begin painting him. We decided to paint him brown and orange to match the autumnal leaves outside.

After all the paint was dry we began sticking lots of leaves to him so he could become our leaf monster. All the children in Bluebells were given the opportunity to join in over the week to help with the fabulous creation of our monster.

Once he was finished we decided he needed a name and one of the Bluebell children said can we call him Gary.

Gary will be living in the woodland area of the nursery garden and experiencing lots of outdoor adventures over the coming weeks so please come and say hello if you are down at the bottom of the nursery garden. The children will be able to tell you all about them too.

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