Birds nesting at Harlequin

We are really lucky to have Blue Tits nesting in our nursery garden. At the beginning of Spring we set up a special nesting box with a hidden live webcam inside it so the children can watch from a screen inside the nursery. This has been an amazing experience for the children as they have been able to watch Mrs Bird (named by the children) keep her eggs warm , all 11 of them which have now hatched! Not only can the children watch Mrs Bird inside her nest feeding her babies they can watch her fly around the garden collecting up worms and insects to feed to them.

This experience has allowed the children to explore a wealth of activities; from collecting worms and insects themselves; identifying the different species of birds in the garden and making bird feeders. We have also been looking at the life cycle of the caterpillar and the children will be keeping a close eye on them to see what happens next.

The nursery will be involving the mums and dads with these topics at the next Stay and Play in June.

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