Big Wind Day!

The wind has been wild at Fairfield this Friday as we explore the elements of weather.

At circle time our children have spoken about the weather in particular the wind, what happens to the trees when its windy? What happens when the wind blows under something like a kite? Toddlers found out all about this when they made kites for the garden, they had to recognise the shapes of different kites as they made their own design. The children had to decide how we were going to make sure it doesn’t blow away “hold on tight!” they said as they flew in the sky. We discovered that the faster we ran the higher our kites would fly. We also noticed when the wind stopped our kites didn’t want to fly in the sky.

Preschool took the lead on their own learning when they made wind sticks for the garden, their love of dancing and the outdoors sparked this imaginative activity, we had to hunt for the right sized stick in the garden, learning through trial and error, if we chose a stick that was too small it wouldn’t get as high into the sky and catch the most wind. We used our fine motor skills when using the scissors to cut our ribbon to different lengths. Some of our children observed they were moving like the trees when the wind blew.

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