A bug's life

We are expecting a number of new guests to check into Portland House this Autumn at our very own Bug Hotel! Over the summer the children have been helping to create a bug hotel at the bottom of the garden which will provide a rich habitat to encourage a range of mini beasts to visit our garden. The nursery families and staff have all joined in collecting materials to construct the new hotel. Pallets, plant pots, cardboard, straw, bamboo and bricks are just some of the materials gathered together.

Julie Lister the Manager explains " Building a bug hotel is a truly great way for children to get involved in nature. This activity not only benefits wildlife by providing materials that are a source of food for some and shelter for others but provides an enriched first-hand learning experience for children to learn about their outdoor environment and nature."

"The children have loved learning about their visitors and have particularly enjoyed watching a variety of insects arrive and check into the hotel, observing how they live and eat. They have watched with interest as different mini beasts have checked in and made the bug hotel their home enabling them to learn all about their fascinating behavior."

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