Gail Howarth

I am the Manager of Oakwood House Forest School and joined Portland Nurseries in Spring 2021. I have over 25 years’ experience in early years education and gained my BA in Early Years Education from Leeds University in 2011.

I have held a variety of posts and worked in many different settings over the years, both with small companies and large chains. I believe my vast experience of working with such a diverse range of early years educators and settings has built my knowledge along with my passion to remain in the early years sector.

My mission is to advocate and deliver great practice on a daily basis. I love to learn, and enjoy networking. Always happy to apply new strategies, keeping my own practice up to date and my mind fresh. I’m particularly passionate about children’s ‘readiness to write’ and how we can support this development.

Oakwood House is a magical nursery to work in and manage. I am continually inspired by the natural learning environment the children in our care can access daily. The garden is full of open ended natural resources which has created a rich environment for learning. The children at Oakwood House experience new challenges and adventures each day and have direct contact with the wonders of nature and the changing seasons.

Outside of work, I enjoy travel, weekends away, eating out and simple days at home. I have one son Oliver and a beautiful miniature Yorkshire terrier called Pippi. Both take up a lot of my time in one way or another, which I wouldn’t change for the world!


BA (Hons) Early Years Education

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